Since the Companies beginning, Cranston Machinery Company employees have enjoyed an open, honest, team oriented working environment. The Companies longevity and employee loyalty are testament to this.

If you are interested in becoming a team member, we appreciate your interest and welcome your application. The following two methods for applying are offered for your convenience.
Complete and submit an application online.
Print an application and submit with your resume by appointment, fax or mail; details are shown on our contact us page.
Cranston Machinery is committed to the safety of its team members, offers a Drug-Free workplace and requires background checks and drug screens for all employees.
Current Hiring Status:
Cranston Machinery posts available opportunities for positions on multiple internet sites. Currently we are hiring for: CNC Machinist Quotations Coordinator Please fill out our application or apply thru one of our online partners like, craiglslist, ziprecruiter, monster, imatch, indeed or linkedin. Thank you for considering Cranston Machinery.
Expect Excellence! Nothing Less! Competent! Available! Responsive! Effective!
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